The choice of accommodation

We have a partnership agreement with a selection of hotels and pensions in the vicinity of our downtown clinic to facilitate the organization of your medical trip.

We offer you various possibilities, from a single pension room to a 5-star hotel suite. Our patients have voted for one of the following three, most of the times. But we are more than happy to make reservations at any other hotels in town, just tell us your specific needs and we will surely be able to offer you accomodation to your liking. You can of course book your accommodation yourself. This does not change the other steps in your dental treatment process. We organize and facilitate the rest of your medical tourism trip for any type of treatment.

We recommend that you make your choice according to your needs and possibilities, without any exaggeration. Some treatments will impose restrictions on what you are allowed to do or eat, especially in the days following your treatment. For example, after the insertion of an implant or after tooth extraction, it is not advisable to go to the thermal baths or to do gymnastics. It is therefore worth considering not to take a more expensive hotel just because it offers a spa service or a gym, since it is advisable to rather rest and let your body regenerate and heal.

Debrecen hungary Centrum panzio in the centre of debrecen cheap accomodation good value for money health tourism pateints welcome dental tourism hungaryPension Centrum, which is in the center of Debrecen, about 400 meters from our clinic offers a choice of single rooms, double rooms and apartments with kitchenette. All rooms are air-conditioned, and have TVs, radios, Wi-Fi, microwaves, hairdryers. There is a covered terrace, a sauna and a Jacuzzi. Prices start from 25 euros per person per night in a single room, and are only 33 euros for 2 people in a double room. The main square of Debrecen, Kossuth Square is 400 meters from the pension and the thermal baths of Debrecen are 3 stops with the tram.



Aquaticum Debrecen Thermal and Wellness Hotel **** in Nagyerdei Park Hungary themal and spa complex and hotel health tourism patients welcome dental tourism hungaryAquaticum Debrecen Thermal and Wellness Hotel **** is in Nagyerdei Park the green area of Debrecen. The hotel is part of the spa and thermal bath complex of Debrecen. By booking a room at the Aquaticum Hotel you have access to the spa and the baths of the complex. Promotional room prices start at 60 euros per night for 1 person with breakfast and 90 euros for 2 people per room with half board. Physiotherapy and balneotherapy are available for all patients without having to stay at the hotel, but booking appointments for treatment is necessary in advance. The 63°C thermal water of Debrecen used for balneotherapy and for the thermal baths contains alkaline chloride, hydrogen carbonate, iodine, sodium chloride, and a significant amount of calcium, magnesium and silicic acid.


Centrum *** Superior hotel debrecen hungary in centre of debrecen by reformatus nagytemplom health tourism patients welcome dental tourism hungaryThe newly rebuilt Centrum *** Superior Hotel is a 65-room hotel in the historic center of Debrecen, overlooking the main square. The rooms are larger than average (29 m²) and the level of equipment and the comfort of the rooms far exceed the usual level in this category. During the reconstruction of the hotel the usage of modern technology was a main effort, so the rooms can boast a 40" FullHD TV, built-in safe, full Wi-Fi coverage, telephone, minibar, hairdryer, toilet mirror, thermal and acoustic sealed windows and doors. Promotional room rates start at 60 euros per night for 1 person and 70 euros for 2 people with breakfast.