All materials used for dental treatments at our clinic are of the best quality. They are of traceable origin and are all certified with the CE mark, they have a manufacturer's warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. The dental clinic offers a guarantee for all treatments performed in our dental office in Debrecen, Hungary according to the guarantee conditions.

Your guarantee contract directly with the clinic allows you to benefit from a complete support during the aftercare period, according to the guarantee conditions, provided, that all precautions have been taken and the doctor's indications have been respected.

Our clinic is proud to offer the highest quality of dental treatments that meet or even exceed the specified guarantees throughout the EU.


Removable restorations:  
Removable partial dentures 1 year
Removable dentures 1 year
Fixed restorations:  
Metal free dental crowns and bridges (Zirconia, porcelain) 5 years
Porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crowns and bridges 2 years
Inlays and Onlays 2 years
Veneers 2 years
Fillings 1 year
DENTIUM dental implant (the product only) 5 years


All guarantee is only valid if the patient has a dental check up every 6 months and notifies the dental clinic through our health tourism agency immediately after the occurrence of any symptoms related to the dental treatment received at our partner dental clinic. We will pass your description to the dentist or surgeon responsible for your aftercare and advise you of all further actions to be taken. We organize your trip if you need to come to our dental clinic in Debrecen, Hungary. 


The guarantee claim can only be exercised at the clinic where the work was carried out with prior notification of our agency, that you intend to exercise the guarantee. Please always send us your guarantee claims and all complaints in writing, preferably in an e-mail, to info @ healthtourismhungary . com with a detailed description of your symptoms and health state. Attach any medical report available and also pictures if your symptoms have a visual appearance.


The full treatment of dental implant surgery, including the installation of the abutments and the permanent dental crowns or bridges, needs to be completed by our dental clinic in order for the guarantee to be valid.

After a dental implant surgery a panorama X-ray needs to be taken at the control examinations once every six months to prove the fulfillment of the guarantee terms and conditions.


After a dental implant surgery all patients are required to go for a dental checkup every 6 months, in order for the guarantee to be valid. During the guarantee period you do not need to come to our dental clinic in Debrecen, Hungary for the regular checkups every 6 months, you can have your checkup examinations done at your local dentist. You must however, have a panorama X-ray taken every time. You must also keep these panorama X-rays and and show them if asked for by your dentist to prove you have fulfilled the guarantee requirements.


You are advised to send our agency the digitized control X-rays regularly in order to allow your aftercare dentist to follow your state of health, enabling him to call your attention in time for any action to be taken.


This interactive aftercare is all free of charge for you.


You are not obliged to travel to Hungary for the regular checkups during the guarantee period, but we recommend you do so, even if you will have to travel back to Hungary, for we offer you our regular dental checkups free of charge during the guarantee period. Prior booking of appointment is necessary. You can take advantage of our reasonable prices to have other dental work done on these occasions, so you can continue to save money even in the aftercare period.


Root canal treatment is not covered under this guarantee. Please note that teeth may suffer trauma during the preparation of the tooth before fitting a crown or bridge, resulting in the subsequent need for a root canal treatment. The clinic will not be liable for any such unforeseen root canal treatment following preparation of teeth for crown and / or bridgework. 


In some rare cases the clinic reserves the right to alter the length of the guarantee on a per patient basis dependent of the lifestyle, the state of health and to some extent, the age of the patient.


The guarantee does not include travel and accommodation costs and only applies to remedial dental work.


The guarantee will be reduced or invalidated under the following conditions


  • The patient does not show up at a dental office for dental examinations at least once every 6 months
    • After a dental implant surgery a panorama X-ray needs to be taken at every control examination to prove the fulfillment of the guarantee terms and conditions.
  • Oral hygiene is neglected
  • The indications of the dentist are not followed, the necessary precautions are not taken
  • Removable restorations such as partial dentures or dentures are not maintained properly
  • The gum tissue, the jawbone or the tooth naturally decreases
  • Substantial weight loss or weight gain occurs in a short period of time
  • A general illness occurs that has an adverse effect on the organs of the oral cavity (for example, diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis) or in the case of excessive X-ray therapy or chemotherapy
  • Injury caused by an accident, sporting activity or other reasons
  • Damages due to dental restoration performed by another company, another firm
  • Bone grafting procedures
  • Diseases of teeth, allergies and their related consequences after treatment that were not visible before the start of treatment


Send us your complaints or your guarantee claims to our e-mail: info @ healthtourismhungary . com


Help us with your comments to enable our continuous development.


We look forward to receiving your request for a quotation and to seeing you personally at our dental clinic in Debrecen, Hungary.