Why choose our dental clinic for your dental care abroad?

If you are looking for a way to save some money on dental care, you have surely been to see your local doctor already. After studying the quotation of your treatments in England or elswhere in Western and Northern Europe, or after having received a treatment plan with consultation dates far too late for your needs, it is quite legitimate that you have started looking for a dental clinic to save some money and to to win some time as well. We encourage you to come to Debrecen, Hungary, not only for any kind of dental treatment but also for any medical care that you need.


The main advantages of dental tourism in Debrecen, Hungary

  • The superior quality of our dental treatments, which are performed by dentists and oral surgeons who have over 25 years of experience

  • The high quality of the prosthetic work and the speed of the digital dental laboratory, which is equipped with high-end devices

  • We use only superior quality materials of well known international brands with full manufacturers' guarantee

  • English, French and Russian speaking assistance throughout your stay, from the first contact until your departure, and even afterwards to ensure the necessary medical follow-up

  • We provide medical follow-up for all our treatments, even years after your original treatment

  • We always and only offer personalized treatments, your consultation is always free of charge

  • Free services offered automatically

  • It is very easy to travel to Debrecen, Hungary by taking one of the direct flights at unbeatable prices

    • Regular daily flights from London

    • Regular flights 2-3 times a week from Paris, Milan, Munich, Eindhoven, Malmö, Tel Aviv and Moscow

  • Debrecen, which is much smaller than Budapest, is a town of 210,000 inhabitants, very safe and peaceful enough for you to be able to rest well after your treatments, away from big city turmoilm but still large enough to have all necessary resources for you to enjoy your stay.

  • Debrecen, is a historic city in itself, already plenty to see, plus the region is rich in activities and sites to visit:  spas and thermal baths in Debrecen, Hajdúszoboszló, Gyula. Egerszalók, Zsóry fürdő... etc, the wine regions of Tokaj and Eger, the unique ecosystem of Hortobágy and many many more.

  • We organize all for you: your flight, your reception at he airport, your local transfer, your accommodation, your medical care, your tourism, your reimbursement and even unique requests are met.

  • Our dental rates are the real bonus. Debrecen being one of the main medical treatment centers of Hungary, has always been outstanding in the medical field. It is increasingly recognized for its excellence by  the growing number of medical tourists as the International Airport of Debrecen is accessible from more and more cities worldwide, prices however are still among the most affordable in Hungary.


Our competitive and affordable dental rates

Our dental prices in Debrecen, Hungary, are very competitive and affordable compared to the rates in England and in general in Western and Northern Europe. The prices of our medical treatments will obviously be lower than the prices at your local dentist. They are even less than what you find in Budapest in most cases, since it is generally true, that prices in capitals are higher. Life in general is cheaper in Debrecen than in Budapest, so our dentists have the opportunity to offer you your dental treatments for a more reasonable price as well.

In Debrecen, the second largest city in Hungary, we offer professional and personalized medical services. We offer personalized treatments in a state-of-the-art clinic, in a friendly and reassuring atmosphere with doctors and assistants at your service. You will be assisted and accompanied free of charge by our English, French and Russian speaking colleagues during your whole stay starting from your arrival to Hungary, during and after medical treatment, during the preparation of your departure and all throughout your aftercare. We will also help you organize your tourist programs free of charge.


Quality without compromise

When you study our dental prices or when you receive our preliminary quote, which we prepare for you free of charge, you will surely wonder why and how can we be cheaper even compared to most prices in Budapest. Even more important is the question if our treatments are up to the standards offered by acknowledged clinics in Budapest, the dental capital of Europe?

Our definite answer is YES, our treatments  with 100% guarantee, according to our warranty terms, are at least as good as the treatments performed by the best dental clinics in Budapest. We would say the quality of the treatment depends more on the performance of the dental team including the dentists, surgeons, assistants and the technicians, who perform the given treatment rather than the appearance of a luxuriously furnished dental factory with less experienced and rather overstressed dentists, who will possibly not even be available for your aftercare because of the constantly arriving new patients. In our modern, well equipped dental clinic in Debrecen, the dentists, who are the owners of the clinic as well, are all well trained and experienced with over 25 years of constant practice. To avoid any inconvenience for our patients, we have limited the number of patients we can treat a week.


Dental tourism, Medical tourism in general and Thermal tourism
All available in Debrecen, Hungary through our agency

Until reacently, dental tourism was chosen by patients who mostly visited our region by car, who came for the combination of the acknowledged thermal waters, spas and balneotherapy of the region who took also advantage of other medical services like the outstanding dental care we have in and around Debrecen. The soaring growth in passanger numbers at Debrecen's International Airport delivers patients from all parts of Europe and has brought you the opportunity as well to be among the lucky ones to benefit from the expertise of the best dental specialists of our country for a price still well below those fixed in Budapest or in the western region of the country.

The launch of regular and direct flights from more and more European cities to Debrecen allow us to offer you the medical services of our dental clinic partner. At the moment, direct flights from London arrive on a daily basis, three times a week from Munich and Eindhoven and twice a week from Paris, Malmö, Moscow and Tel Aviv. Round trip ticket prices are generally sold at an unbeatable price. It is, indeed, quite easy to find round-trip plane tickets for less than 50 Euros or 45 Pounds.

Our international airport also receives charter flights. There are more and more german tourists arriving directly to Debrecen by their charter flights for 1-2 weeks to enjoy the rich choisce of spas and thermal waters of the region and to benefit from other medical care in the mean time like dental care, cosmetic surgery and also various medical examinations and treatments which are also available in superiour quality and cost much less in Hungary. Come and visit us to discover for yourself what german tourists are already taking advantage of.


The experience of more than 25 years

Our dentists, oral surgeons and dental technicians all have more than 25 years of experience.

General dentistry

The dental clinic has been managed by Dr. János Szakács and by Dr. Láczay Enikő in the center of Debrecen, Hungary since 1992. They have continuously developed their knowledge by regularly participating in dental trainings and taking specialist exams to always be ahead of all the relevant national and international regulations. It's in their state-of-the-art dental clinic with 6 dental chairs where we make your appointments. Their outstanding expertise and personal charm have been recognized not only by the thousands of Hungarian and international patients who have chosen them in the past 25 years, but also by the University of Debrecen as well. They engage in the professional training of dentist students at the Faculty of Dentistry.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery - dental implant surgery

Our dental surgery center is managed by Dr. György Kovács who has more than 25 years of experience in oral surgery and over 20 years of experience in implantology. He is an oral surgeon who specialized in implantology in 1995, and has inserted over 15.000 dental implants since. In recent years he has been constantly installing 700-1000 implants per year, with an incredibel succes rate of over 99%. This is the result of his vast exeprience in general oral surgery, his thorough workmanship and also his prudent attitude when preparing each and every comprehansive dental treatment plan for dental implants. The dental clinic is equipped with all the medical devices and instruments needed for oral surgery in general and specifically prepared for dental implant surgery and for all possible complications that might arise during any oral surgery process.

The dental clinic was honored with the title of reference clinic for the Dentium Dental Implant System. Our clinic is one of the the largest and most prominent user of Dentium Dental Implants in Hungary. Dentium is a world class manufacturer of premium dental implant systems providing dental clinics with the products and knowledge throug regular trainings and symposiums in more than 80 countries worldwide. From its establishment in 2000, Dentium has taken a revolutionary measure to build its reputation to what it is today. Committed to quality, research and development and continued education in the field of implant dentistry. Dentium also manufactures a large selection of dental instruments, lab components and regeneration materials to complement the dental implant system. Dentium’s manufacturing facilities, located in Korea and in the USA, are registered establishments with the FDA and certified to ISO 13485. Dentium products are CE marked to indicate their high quality and are validated by many research studies performed in collaboration with renowned universities and clinicians.

Dental laboratory

The dental laboratory is managed by Mr. József Kecskés who has almost 30 years of experience as dental technician. He was regulary amang the first ones to introduce the most modern techniques and technologies in the preparation of prosthetic works, his dentist partners being therefore among the most demanding dentists. His dental laboratory has been the stable partner of our dental clinic for years now. The result of this partnership is that our patients can enjoy precision designed and made products making use of digital technology such as CAD / CAM, 3D digital scanning, 3D printing, smile designing... etc. These techniques provide us with the metal-free prostheses such as zirconia crowns and bridges and porcelain crowns or inlays, emax veneers. Of course the traditional techniques, using partially manual methods are prepared with unprecedented accuracy since all work phases are aided with digital technology where possible. Therefore our dentures and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns and bridges usually don't need any correction once delivered to the dental clinic.

The dental laboratory being in the direct neighbourhood, the dental technicians are usually present at the dentistry to support the relevant part of the treatment. They are directly accessible for our patients to facilitate the communication in order to have the best result possible.


Top quality equipment

We have top quality equipment in the dental offices and the dental laboratory. Our dentists and our prosthetists have always chosen to pay close attention to the equipment of their practices. Cabinets are therefore equipped with all the necessary and most modern equipment so that they can meet the needs of the most demanding patients. Our dental clinic complies with all national and international regulations. Learn more about our clinic.


Our clinic is not a dental factory

Our clinic is not a dental factory, your health tourism visit is personalized from the beginning. The clinic is managed by the owner dentists and the surgeon, they are the ones who perform the interventions on our patients to ensure 100% quality of dental care. Dental surgeries are performed by Dr. György Kovács and his team, and dental treatments are performed by Dr. Szakács János and Dr. Láczay Enikő and their team. The precision prosthetic work is delivered by the dental laboratory of Mr. József Kecskés. This partnership is complemented by our on-site English, French and Russian speaking assistance. We believe this collaboration allows us to organize and execute your personalized treatment in the highest quality with the personal touch.

Our agency and the dental clinic can only receive a limited number of patients, either foreign or local, to make sure all ongoing dental treatments and the compulsory follow-up examinations are all properly taken care of. We are committed to providing you with quality service. This guarantees our special attention to each patient who honors us with his or her confidence.


We offer you the following services free of charge automatically

  • Preparation of a preliminary estimate based on your panoramic X-ray, pictures and your online quote request form
  • Personal consultation and examination in Hungary
  • Preparation of personalized treatment plan
  • Transfer between airport, hotel and the clinic
  • Preparation of the reimbursement file for Social Security and your complementary health insurance
  • Organization of your stay and your visits
  • English, French and Russian assistance all throughout your health tourism venture to Hungary


Make your dental trip to Debrecen, Hungary with ease

It is very easy to make a dental tourism trip to Debrecen, Hungary, since during the last couple of years, there is a growing number and growing frequency of direct and regular flights between key European cities and Debrecen. At the moment, Debrecen is directly accessible from London, Paris, Munich, Milan, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Malmö and Eindhoven.

The transfer from the airport to the hotel in the city center takes only 7-10 minutes because Debrecen International Airport is located within the city limits of Debrecen. The partner hotels are in the direct neighberhood of the clinic, which is in the central part of Debrecen. 


Debrecen and the surrounding region is the ideal destination for medical tourism

Debrecen, our historic town of 210,000 inhabitants is a calm and absolutely safe city compared to Budapest, the capital of 2.5 million. Access to necessary and appropriate services is totally ensured, since Debrecen is the administrative, economic, cultural, tourist, medical, educational, logistic, industrial and commercial center of the region. The mayor's office, led by Mr László Papp, our present mayor, has placed a huge enphasis on further develeopping debrecen to play an even more important role in leading the region even over the national borders. Investing in the develeopment of tourism is one of the prioritized projects of the city, along with further develeopments in all territories. Debrecen has attracted a lot of investment in the past decades, through projects financed by the state, by the EU and a great deal of private investemnt as well. As a result, both the number of tourists and also the number and the economic power of foreign companies that have settled in Debrecen increases every year and the rate of development is definitely higher than the national average.

The proximity of well known and traditional places and their attractive sites and landscapes offer you the opportunity to enjoy several dozens of spas and thermal baths like Hajdúszoboszló, Zsóry fürdő, Egerszalók, Gyula, the cave spas of Miskolctapolca and Demjén, discover the vineyards and wineries of Tokaj and Eger, or enjoy nature in the Hortobágy National Park, or at the nearby Tisza river.


We organize everything for you

We offer to organize your health tourism trip to Debrecen, Hungary. We can offer you extremely attractive prices for direct flights to Debrecen. These flights are often less than 50 € / 45 £ for a return ticket. Furthermore, with the WIZZ Discount Club, you can buy return tickets for even less than € 30 / 27 £. You can ask for our help to find offers or you can check for yourself the availability of low cost airline tickets at a really attractive price on the site of Wizz Air which was elected "Airline of the year" in 2016 by Air Transport World.

The dental clinic is in the center of Debrecen with several accommodation possibilities in the immediate vicinity. We can offer rooms for one person in a first class pension for 25 € / 22 £ per night. A small apartment with a kitchentte for two costs only 35 € / 31 £ per night. We also have 3, 4 and 5 star partner hotels which can definitely suite even the extreme demanding needs.

To claim your personalized comprehensive dental treatment quotation from our dental clinic in Debrecen, Hungary without any commitment from your side, all you have to do is fill in our online quote request form, accompanied by your panoramic X-ray and preferably some photos of your teeth.

You can send our dentists your questions about any dental care you are interested in, they will answer in a short period of time and will definitely clear up any uncertainty. Check our affordable prices for all dental care in Hungary in Debrecen as well as our warranty conditions.