Comparative prices of dental implants and dental crowns and bridges

How much is dental implant surgery with dental crowns in Debrecen, Hungary

To make an estimate for the preparation of a dental crown on a dental implant, you can simply add the price of one dental implant, the price of one dental abutment per implant and the price of the type of dental crown you choose. 

Check the example estimates in our following tables. We also included comparative average prices from Western Europe for similar quality dental care.

Example 1. The replacement of one missing tooth with a porcelain dental crown on a dental implant:

Your treatment Price in Western Europe Price in Hungary Your savings
1 dental implant 1000 € / 900 £ 490 € / 440 £ 510€ / 460£
1 abutment 200 € / 180 £ 110 € / 99 £ 90€ / 81£
1 porcelain crown 1100 € / 990 £ 300 € / 270 £ 800€ / 720£
Total sum: 2300 € / 2070 £ 900 € / 809 £ 1400€ / 1261£

You pay around 1400 € / 1260 £ less, for the replacement of just one missing tooth in Hungary compared to Western Europe. Your savings are about 61 % !

Example 2. The replacement of 3 missing teeth next to each other by a porcelain fused to zircone dental bridge on dental implants:

Your treatment Price in Western Europe Price in Hungary Your savings
2 dental implants 2 x 1000 € / 900 £ 2 x 490 € / 440 £ 1020€ / 920£
2 abutments 2 x 200 € / 180 £ 2 x 110 € / 99 £ 180€ / 198£
1 bridge of 3 porcelain fused to zirconia elements 3 x 1100 € / 990 £ 3 x 300 € / 270 £ 2400€ / 2160£
Total sum: 5700 € / 5130 £ 2100 € / 1888 £ 3600€ / 3240£

You pay around 3600 € / 3240 £ less, for the replacement of 3 missing teeth in Hungary compared to Western Europe. Your savings are about 63 % !

What are the additional costs of dental treatment in Debrecen, Hungary

Services connected to your dental treatment offered free of charge

  • The initial standard examination is free of charge.
  • The preparation of a personalized dental treatment plan is free of charge.
  • The installation of the healing screw is free of charge.
  • The activation of dental implants is free of charge.
  • The yearly checkups at our dental clinic in Debrecen, Hungary are free of charge

How much does the medical tourism visit to Debrecen, Hungary cost?

The dental implants are placed during your first visit of 3-4 days in Hungary. The instalment of the abutments and finally the preparation of your crowns or dental bridges is performed during your second stay of 4-5 days.

So, to properly compare our prices to the prices in Western and Northern Europe, you must add the costs of your two dental tourism trips to the cost of your treatments :

  • 2 times the round trip flight tickets from London or Paris to Debrecen is: 2 x 45 € - 60 € / 40 £ - 55 £. So the total cost of the flights is around 90 € - 120 € / 80 £ - 110 £
  • Average 9 nights in Debrecen (a pension room for 25 € / 23 £ / night - a studio apartment with kitchen for 40 € / 35 £ night - a room in a 4-star hotel for 60 € / 55 £ / night). So the total cost of accommodoation is around 225 €- 360 € - 540 € / 205 £ - 325 £ - 490 £ depending on the type of hotel you chose.
  • The transfer from the airport is free of charge
  • English, French, or Russian speaking assistance is free of charge
  • Preparation of the reimbursement file is free of charge


So, the costs of your 2 dental tourism trips and the stays can cost as little as from 315 € to 660 € / 280 £ - 595 £


The cost of a single dental implant treatment plus the total cost of two visits are already cheaper in Hungary than in London, Paris or most of western Europe, and the more complex your dental care is, the more you save on your dental tourism trip to Debrecen, Hungary.

Please note that the calculation above is an estimate that does not take into account the additional care that may be required. We therefore suggest that our patients request a personalized quote that is easy to obtain by completing our online quote request form.

Since each patient is a unique case and the treatments may vary, we will describe in detail the process of your planned treatment in your comprehensive treatment plan by offering the most favorable rates possible in your case. After studying the estimates above, always ask for your personal quotation to find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants or any other dental treatment you wish to accomplish.

In the above examples, we assume that after the initial standard examination, no further examinations or additional dental treatments are necessary.

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The biocompatible artificial root made of titanium

The dental implant technique has developed a great deal over the last 60 years since the first test was performed with screw-shaped titanium implants, the shape we use today. Dental implant Health tourism Hungary dental tourism hungary titanium dental implant with abutment

Research to verify the biocompatibility of titanium has shown that the peculiarity of titanium allows it to be used in various surgical fields. It has already proven itself and gives satisfaction to patients who need dental crowns or dentures on dental implants. Studies show and control examinations confirm that titanium is so stable that it does not react with the body, therefore it does not cause allergic reactions and adheres perfectly well with the jawbone. This process is helped by the special preliminary preparation of the surface of the titanium implant that is textured and porous. Throughout the past years the placement of a dental implants has become a daily routine for our dentists. Implantology is a well-known and reliable technique in the long term.

Dental implant compared to a natural tooth in a figure with explanation dental tourism health tourism hungary debrecen


A dental implant is nothing more than the replacement of your lost tooth with an artificial and a biocompatible root on which can be placed a dental crown that acts like a natural tooth in terms of stability, strength and aesthetics.

The purpose of this intervention is to restore your chewing ability, the original state of your teeth and the aestheticism of your dentition so that you can enjoy life to the fullest.

Generally about 95-98 % of dental implant insertion procedures are successful. As a result of the vast experience our dental surgeon has acquired during the last 22 years in the field of dental implants, and the proper use of the best quality dental materials and of course his careful and personalized treatment plans, his success rate is over 99%.

The advantages of dental implants

After the insertion of a dental implant, the chewing ability is restored and the patient's face regains its former appearance. Possible digestion problems are resolved when the chewing ability is restored. Moreover, by placing a dental implant in time, the deterioration of the jawbone can be avoided. Most patients only become aware of the numerous problems, tooth loss has caused them after having received their dental implants. They regain not only the ability to eat well, but also their confidence in being able to talk and smile without restraint.

The replacement of one missing tooth after an extraction is also advisable to be done by placing a dental implant instead of sacrificing neighbouring teeth to install a 3 element dental bridge.  

Installation of the dental implant 

Dental implant inserted into the upper jawbonr below the surface of the gum tissue dental tourism health tourism

The biocompatible artificial titanium root is inserted into the jawbone beneath the surface, to the same depth as the root of a natural tooth. The interior of the implant is hollow, so after the placement it is closed by a cover screw. The gum is then replaced for healing. You do not feel pain during the procedure performed under local anesthesia by our dentist. 

The implant's form is designed to support tension so that chewing functions are similar to natural teeth. The healing process, when the bone bonds to the surface of the dental implant normally takes from 2 -3 months up to 6 months. This process is called the osseointegration.

In the next phase of the procedure, during a new session of your treatment after the osseointegration takes place, the dental implant abutment is screwed into the dental implant. The abutment is a compulsory part of the process, for it plays the role of the connecting piece between the implant and the dental crown.

Osseointegration of the dental implant in the jaw

titanium dental implant SLA surface magnified dental turism health tourism hungary debrecenDuring this period of rest, the special surface of the titanium implant, which is a biocompatible inert material, will be integrated into the jawbone through a process when the human bone doesn't just surround but actually bonds to the surface of the dental implant: this is the phase of osseointegration. The special surface of a modern dental implant that we use not only facilitates the retention of osteogenic cells, but also helps them to migrate to the implant surface by osteoconduction. In addition, the special surface treatment allows better adhesion of collagen fibers. It increases the surface area of the implant, resulting in a larger cell attachment area. It improves tissue growth and mechanical stability. The primary stability of the implant is also required to enable the healing process to begin which will at the end allow the implant to support the same tension as the natural tooth does. This is the basis of success for dental implant surgery.

Is there a possibility of failure?

For more than 20 years, the oral surgeon of our dental clinic has been using the traditional two stage method for dental implant surgery. The percentage of failures of this traditional dental implant placement method is generally very small. The success rate of Dr. György Kovács, our oral surgeon specializing in dental implantology, is more than 99%. He has placed more than 15,000 dental implants since 1995.

Most of the times, the failure is the result of a disturbance in the process of osseointegration due to one or more risk factors like a disease, an infection, smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, or the early loading of the dental implant which even through microstrains risks the success of the implant surgery. If the patient does not follow the indications given by the surgeon the possibility of some disorder in the healing process rises substantially. The total success of the operation depends largely on the collaboration between the surgeon and the patient. Thus, we will provide you with all the necessary information to ensure that your new dental implants will be another success story.


Read more about the advantages of our traditional two stage dental implant surgery compared to the immediate loading, one stage dental implant surgery.

two phase Dental implant surgery process in a figure with explanation dental tourism hungary debracen health tourism hungary

The crowning of the dental implant placement

After the healing period is over, the treatment continues with the placement of the dental implant abutment. It is the dental abutment that will emerge from the bone and gum. It is a cylindrical and/or tapered post connector, placed on, or built into, the top of the dental implant, to connect the implant to the dental crown or another type of prosthesis, such as a dental bridge, a removable denture or a fixed denture. So the crowning, that is the preparation of your new dental crown is the final phase of dental implant placement. You must, however, never neglect the follow up and the required dental care explained by our dentist.

Lifetime expectancy of the dental implant

If your general health is fine, the prescribed oral hygiene care is followed and if the check ups are done regularly, the lifetime of the dental implants can be well over 15 - 20 years, with the probability of even a lifetime span. We know of even first generation dental implants that have been in place for over 40 years. Our top quality Dentium dental implants are a true promise for the long lifetime expectancy of the dental implant. Read more about the globally commercialized top quality Dentium Dental Implant System. Our dental clinic is a reference clinic for the Dentium dental implants, and is one of the largest representítives of this brand in Hungary.

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