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Dental treatments in Hungary, Debrecen

Our prices in €

Our prices in £




Initial standard oral examination



Preparation of the treatment plan



Annual control examination



Normal X-ray

10 €

9 £

Panoramic X-ray

25 €

22 £

Cone Beam CT (CBCT - cone-beam computed tomography)

125 €

112 £




Dental hygiene treatment (descaling, polishing)

80 €

72 £

Laser treatment (7W)

40 €

36 £

Conservative dentistry



Composite filling - small

70 €

63 £

Composite filling - large

90 €

81 £

Composite filling - on the tooth neck

50 €

45 £

Post and Core

70 €

63 £

Post and Core - Zirconia

120 €

108 £

Bleaching - tooth whitening (ZOOM)

290 €

260 £

Endodontics - root canal treatment - devitalization



Tooth with a single root canal

90 €

81 £

Tooth with two root canals

100 €

90 £

Tooth with three root canals

120 €

110 £

Restorative and aesthetic dentistry



GC Gradia inlay

140 €

126 £

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown or bridge (PFM) per unit

200 €

180 £

Metal-free Zirconia crown or bridge per unit

300 €

270 £

Metal-free Porcelain crown per unit

300 €

270 £

Porcelain veneer per unit

290 €

260 £

Night guard

60 €

55 £

Removable plastic denture per jaw

320 €

290 £

Removable metal-plastic denture per jaw

360 €

325 £

Precision attachment for metal dentures

100 €

90 £

Long term temporary crown per unit - made by the dental laboratory

60 €

54 £

Short term temporary crown per unit - made by the clinic

30 €

27 £

Oral Surgery



Tooth extraction

70 €

63 £

Healing screw fitting



Dental implant DENTIUM*

490 €

440 £

Standard titanium abutment DENTIUM

110 €

99 £

Sinus lift

250 €

225 £

Bone replacement (without the material)

250 €

225 £


All treatments performed by our dentists in our dental clinic in Hungary are carried out in high quality with guarantee even though our prices are much lower than in France, and they are one of the best quality-price ratio in all of Hungary, Budapest included.


To find out how much your personalized treatment would cost you in Debrecen, Hungary, please take a minute to fill in our online quote request form. Our dentists and surgeons prepare your preliminary quote in 1-2 business days. Since it is of top priority to not only offer you unquestionable quality and personalized treatment, but to also keep you fully informed, it is important that you know that the exact and final prices of your dental care can only be calculated after a personal examination in Hungary. If you give it a thought, you will definitely agree, that each patient is a unique case and the treatments may and will vary from person to person. In your treatment plan, we will take into consideration all circumstances and describe in detail the process of your personalized planned treatments and offer you the most favorable rates possibly applicable in your case.


If you have any questions, send us your request by e-mail or by writing a message on the website at the bottom or via the chat, or ask us by phone so that our specialists can answer you in detail.


The list of treatments presented above is just an extract of all our dental treatments, enlisting the mostly chosen dental care by our foreign patients. If you require a treatment that is not listed above still please send us your quote request form, we will send you back our offer with the relevant treatments. The treatment process is determined individually for each patient after the initial oral examination at our dental clinic in Debrecen, Hungary.


*Our clinic is a reference clinic in Hungary for the DENTIUM Dental Implant System