Hungary is the favorite destination for medical tourism

Medical tourism is a global trend that allows us to offer you medical treatments in Hungary. Hungary, a member of the EU since 2004, is recognized as a popular destination in Europe for all medical care. It is however best known for high quality dental care at affordable rates. Most of the helathcare done in Hungary is reimbursed by your local social security system in the same way as if the treatment was performed at home, in your native country, according to EU Directive 2011/24/EU on patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare. Please always check with your healthcare provider for details and the conditions upon which terms apply. Prior authority might be needed in some cases.

The main goal of medical tourism is to save money by going abroad to receive your medical care. The personal goal of patients is naturally to receive at least the same quality of healthcare as available locally and at the same time save money during the process even including the possible repeated travelling and accomodation costs. Of course, if these treatments are of even better quality for a considerably cheaper price, it is even better.

The timing of medical treatment is also an aspect to consider. Often clinics abroad who host medical tourists are more prepared to perform the needed medical care more effectively, ie. in a shorter time span.

Medical tourism is an obvious response

Traveling abroad for medical care, such as dental care, can no longer be condemned. Medical travel has almost always existed in Europe dating as far back as the Roman Empire. Patients have the right, especially within the European Union, to be treated wherever they find the best offers and conditions. It is easy and comfortable to travel by plane, no wonder the low costs are absolutely booming.

In recent times Hungary has become the destination for dental tourism first by patients from Austria and Germany, who started coming by car to towns along our western border to have their dental problems fixed and also to have fun in a cheaper country some 25-30 years ago. As It turns out, we have a lot to offer.

Our well qualified dentists and oral surgeons who got exceptional medical training at our globally acknowledged universities have been training themselves ever since and their qualifications combined with the limitless tourist sites and activities of our country Hungary, which is still on a lower living standard, turned out to be a great combination for patients, who have been enjoying our offers.

Upon receiving your first offers for dental treatment in Western and Northern Europe, it is more than natural that you have started searching for a dental clinic abroad to save money without giving up your quality expectations. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a medical trip? Why choose Debrecen, Hungary, as a destination for your medical care abroad? Read more about us to see that we are one of the best destinations for dental care abroad.

Debrecen, Hungary, the destination for medical tourism

The purpose of health tourism is to find cheaper, but irreproachable quality healthcare with guarantees. You should never risk your health, choose only clinics with qualified practitioners where you can feel secure and where you can communicate possibly in your own language. We provide English, French and Russian speaking assistance throughout your stay. It is advisable to stay in the European Union to be protected by European regulations. As Hungary is a member of the EU since 2004, by coming to Debrecen in Hungary, you are protected by all relevant European laws.

The University of Debrecen is the largest university in Hungary. Our university is attended by foreign students from over 40 countries from almost all continents (perhaps not from Antarctica) along with Hungarian students. They all come to take advantage of the high quality education with great traditions that has been part of our culture in Debrecen since 1538, the year of the foundation of the Reformed College that preceded the university. The medical institutions of Debrecen, which are operated and directed by the University of Medicine, continually train doctors in all specialties according to the highest international standards. There is therefore a high concentration of well qualified and experienced dentists and oral surgeons in Debrecen. Our partner doctors have been practicing their profession for more than 25 years and can therefore guarantee you a superior dental treatment quality. The cooperation between our medical tourism agency and the partner dental clinic is the result of a careful selection process where our primary objective was to offer you the highest quality medical care possible.

The direct flights from London, Paris, Milan, Malmö, Munich, Eindhoven and Tel Aviv to our international airport in Debrecen, make our dental care and the tourist destinations in the region easily accessible for all health tourism patients.

Come to Debrecen in Hungary to receive quality dental care and professional organization. Fill in the online quote request form to get a preliminary estimate of your medical care in Debrecen in Hungary.

Our agency, Health Tourism Hungary, organizes and insures your trip

Our agency provides you with dental care of superior quality. You will have English, French or Russian speaking assistance from the first contact up until your departure and even during the follow-up of your treatment. We welcome you in Debrecen and represent you and your rights on the spot in the dental clinics. We fully take care of you and accompany you during your medical trip so that the dentists can concentrate on what they do best, which is fulfilling the accepted dental treatment plan and assuring your well being during the whole treatment session. Our agency will make your medical tourism to Debrecen, Hungary easy to accomplish. We help you prepare for it, we explain you in details the process of your health tourism trip step by step.

We can take care of your hotel reservation, we have a choice of accommodation offered by our partners who have been the reliable and demanding hosts of tourists visiting Debrecen for many years with very client friendly attitude. These accommodations are well located, close to our clinic and the city center as well. They offer good value in their own category. We can offer you rooms starting from a room in a pension for 25 € to a suite in a 5-star hotel. Read more about our partner hotels. In case of any special needs, please contact us so we can help you find the best solution that suits you.