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Your health is the most important not only for you, but for us too, so contact us to ask all your unanswered questions. Ask for your free quote for a treatment in Hungary and book your free initial exam. This would allow you to take a look at our dental clinic and give the dentitsts and oral surgeon an opportunity to formulate your personalized, comprehensive treatment plan, all free of charge and without any commitment from your part. We will reassure you by professionally organizing your personalized treatment as well as your dental tourism trip and your stay in Debrecen, Hungary.


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We will help you save up to 70% on the prices offered in England, or other Western or Northern European countries. We at the same time guarantee you the quality of the medical treatments provided by our highly qualified and experienced doctors.


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A preliminary estimate based on the information you send us electronically cannot be considered as a final treatment plan, it is rather an estimate of the costs, even if the doctors will prepare it as thoroughly as possible.


After receiving our quote with our best rates for your medical treatment abroad, you are invited to take a free examination in our dental clinic to establish a personalized treatment plan. Please make an appointment in advance. All you need to do is contact us in writing or by phone. We will do everything to receive you on the dates you propose. A personal visit to our clinic will also allow you to see our clinic personally and meet our dentists.


It is absolutely necessary to examine you in our clinic, in Hungary, to formulate a responsible definitive treatment plan. During the examination dentists and surgeons check your condition to see if the circumstances of the wanted treatment are present. Then they finalize the treatment plan that will normally be equivalent to your preliminary estimate unless the personal examination unveils details unforeseen based on the preliminary information you have supplied us with. During the formulation of your dental treatment plan, you still have the opportunity to modify your treatment or even cancel the whole process, all free of charge and all without any commitment on your part.


The initial standard examination in Debrecen, Hungary and the preparation of a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan are completely free of charge and without any commitment on your part.


If you have any questions, contact us with confidence. It is really important that once you have decided to save a considerable amount of money on your medical care by taking advantage of medical tourism, you feel confident and reassured at the clinic where you will be treated.


All medical care quoted in our treatment plan will be carried out in superior quality with guarantee.


We offer you a 100% guarantee, according to our warranty conditions, on all our medical care and all the materials used.


It is easy and inexpensive to travel by direct flight from London and other major cities in Europe to be examined in Debrecen, Hungary. Come for just a day to have your final treatment plan formulated and discover our affordable prices and how we even surpass your quality expectations.


We offer you free transfer and organize your trip even if you come just for an examination at first. We also accompany you to the dentist and provide you with language assistance in English, French or Russian if necessary also free of charge.


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